About PSCS

Paramedic Services Chiefs of Saskatchewan (PSCS) works with the EMS industry to strengthen and advance EMS in Saskatchewan by ensuring high-quality, accountable patient care and to provide guidance, support, and a common voice on behalf of all EMS members.

What benefits does being a member of PSCS have? STRENGTH in NUMBERS! The association has always worked towards strong partnerships with stakeholders like the Ministry of Health and FNIHB (First Nations and Inuit Health Branch) to create, promote and implement strong business practices. Benefits include informational resources, a common voice, EMS industry networks, specific membership EMS rates, and more. There are many, many more advantages!

Leaders in Emergency Medical Services
In 1959 a non-profit called Saskatchewan Road Ambulance (SRA) was created in response to the need for a unified body represeningt the ambulance profession in Saskatchewan. The organization was established to provide guidance, support and a common voice.  Years later the organization changed its name to Saskatchewan Ambulance Association (SAA).

In May 2000, the Saskatchewan Ambulance Association merged with the Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Leadership Forum to create the Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association (SEMSA). Building on the foundation of the past, SEMSA continues to forge a future for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Saskatchewan.

In May 2019, the Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association became the Paramedic Services Chiefs of Saskatchewan (PSCS).  PSCS better describes the evolution of ambulance services or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to more representative of the vast diversity offered of Paramedic Services and the leadership that the Chiefs of such organizations contribute to the province and healthcare system. 

PSCS remains a member-based organization dedicated to maintaining high quality and accountable paramedic services in Saskatchewan.  As subject matter experts, we are the voice of the profession and serve both the public and its members directly and through strong stakeholder partnerships. With a VISION of All Saskatchewan people have fair access to quality paramedic services PSCS strives to achieve its strategic imperative through the VALUES that include innovation, patient-centered practices, accountability and paramedic system advancement.

Today PSCS represents 104 out of 106 ambulance services within the province of Saskatchewan. Our mission today has evolved to play a large role in the "best practices" for Saskatchewan. However, we remain grounded to our past providing guidance, support and a common voice on behalf of all members.