July 17, 2020

Congratulations to Angela Sereda, Selena Letain and Aimee Astick for Contributions to Canadian Paramedicine's "Canadian Women In Paramedicine" issue

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Congratulations to Angela Sereda and Selena Letain, who each wrote compelling articles that were featured in the most recent edition of Canadian Paramedicine titled “Women in Canadian Paramedicine”.  Both articles talked about the success of women in a non-traditional career path – paramedicine.  Angela interviewed several successful women in a variety of fields, all who are contributing to the Saskatchewan paramedic industry in senior roles through management, ownership, and leadership.  Selena wrote about how important mentorship and sponsorship are to all paramedics especially women. 

Congratulations also to Saskatchewan paramedic, Aimee Astick, on having her artwork featured in this issue of Canadian Paramedicine. 

We are so proud of Angela, Selena & Aimee for being a part of the Saskatchewan EMS family and for shining the spot light on how important women are in the world of EMS, especially the women in Saskatchewan’s EMS industry.